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Title: Central Med 2019
Post by: Mike on October 04, 2019, 15:20:17 PM
Day 1
Arrived early at The Mayflower and straight to check in and onboard by 12.45 straight to the Meriden Restaurant for lunch, decent company until the cabin was ready at 1.30. Cases were there when I arrived so immediately  unpacked and then took a wander around the ship, must say Aurora is looking good after last year's refit. Met my cabin steward when I got back. New innovation at emergency drill where you dont't take your lifejacket now and there is just a demonstration by the crew. Diner first night and there are 7 men and 1 lady on our table, other single tables are the other way round, someone at Southampton needs a lesson in common sense. After dinner it was straight to bed as I was shattered, glad I went early as it got choppier as the night went on.

Day 2
Sea day
Woke up early and in the Horizon for breakfast by 7.45. afterwards went to sit in the Crows Nest until I went to singles coffee, loads there.about 40, after that I had to buy a new pair of ear phones for my MP3 as I left them at home! Afternoon brightened up slot and I have been sitting around the Riviera pool. Captain's welcome and first formal night tonight. Another sea day tomorrow.
Day 3
Still at sea
But then again I always was! Quiet day they got better as the day wore on and the afternoon was sunny and warm so sat by the Riveria pool all afternoon. Went to the before dinner show to see Bernie Flint, must have been 5 years since I last saw him and his act hasn't really changed still fairly amusing though.

Day 4
Clocks went forward last night so an hour's less sleep. Although I have docked here twice before this time is the first time I have stayed in the City. Went to the Cathedral eventually after getting lost in the old streets even with my phone map, finally came to the traditional Spanish market and could work out where I was. The Cathedral is magnificent and not a bad entry price 5 euro including the very good audio guide. After that made my way back to the ship, again going slightly wrong and after lunch spent the time at the promenade deck rail people watching. Another early show tonight Andrea Amat Spanish classical singer.
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Post by: Mike on October 05, 2019, 06:56:04 AM
Day 5
Morning as we are now 1hour ahead I am sitting on deck writing this, we entered the Med last night and it'a already warm without a cloud in the sky. Restful day today after lots of walking yesterday, just the Carribbean their lunch today at 12., Got the classical girl wrong last night she was a flautist. Magician tonight, I'm tending to go to their second shows before dinner as I'm shattered for the 11pm show
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Post by: fred on October 05, 2019, 08:48:01 AM
Has Lisa stowed away in one of your bags?
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Post by: Mike on October 05, 2019, 08:50:33 AM
 To heavy  ;D
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Post by: Mike on October 05, 2019, 14:49:33 PM
Caribbean lunch was good and we had the second officer on our table next to me. The day is very warm and very sunny
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Post by: fred on October 06, 2019, 18:10:33 PM
To heavy  ;D

You doomed :P
Title: Re: Central Med 2019
Post by: Mike on October 08, 2019, 12:31:58 PM
Just a quick hello as I have found free WiFi in Malta, showers but warm
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Post by: Lisa on October 08, 2019, 20:11:13 PM
I reckon I'd be a good cruise companion....
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Post by: Mike on October 10, 2019, 16:21:05 PM
Next instalment
Day 6
Palma another do it yourself day. Took the shuttle which dropped off near the cathedral, unfortunately as it is a Sunday we couldn't go in unless attending a service, so had a walk around and went into a Basillica and walked through the shopping area, didn't buy anything, then went in to the old palace, interesting. Loads of walking, more than Cadiz. Back to the ship forc1pm and lunch and spent the rest of the day relaxing in the warm sun. Country singer before dinner, quite surprised myself last night by eating a full dinner after the loyalty lunch! Sea day tomorrow and rain is forecast!
Day 7
Sea day
In and out day today as we had showers byso I was alternating from sitting out as it was warm and go back to the Crows Nest. Phil Collins tribute act tonight and he was very good.

Day 8
Took the North HoHo bus great views, I didn't get off as the route takes nearly 4hours, mostly bright but we got hit by a very heavy shower about 2/3 round and I was soaked, dry again by the time we finished though. Soul night with one of the house bands tonight. Messina and Etna tomorrow
Day 9
As I said Etna today, wa went just over halfway up to a tourist station in the Lava field, just over 6000 feet up, spent an hour there looking at previous eruption craters, then of to a jewellery maker, didn't buy anything but we had a free buffet there, then back to the ship after  6 hours where I had a late light lunch at 3.30. Didn't bother we the country singer again tonight as she whasn't that good. Naples Tomorrow and Pompei
Day 10
Unfortunately we are docked in a commercial dock today as a MSC and Celebrity behomth are docked at the cruise terminal. As I said Pompei today we only had just over 2 hours at the site but saw quite a lot including a brothel with the classic illustrations, very warm and 2 hours were enough. Spent the afternoon sitting in the sun on the ship. This evening it is the Phil Collins tribute act again, despite what I said yesterday I went to the singer after all, she did soul last night which was not brilliant but better than her country. Rome tomorrow where I am going to a Tuscan village out of Rome.
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Post by: Mike on October 11, 2019, 12:02:56 PM
Day 11
Been to Rome a few times now so did a trip to a village founded by the Etruscans before Rome, Ok trip but not brilliant, also followed by an Olive Oil tasting, various snacks cooked in Virgin Olive Oil,started at 8am which wasn' t to hot, scorching now though at 2pm. The Aurora Orchestra is onbefore dinner tonight and then catch up on my sleep after diner. Sea day tomorrow then Cartagena then another sea day before Gibraltar wher I will do my last at sea report
Title: Re: Central Med 2019
Post by: Mike on October 14, 2019, 11:42:22 AM
In Gib terminal on free WiFi nothing planned as I have been here so often, just booked a Cruise for 2021 biking on board means free parking on board credit and only 50 deposit
Title: Re: Central Med 2019
Post by: Mike on October 15, 2019, 08:24:57 AM
Day 11
At sea
Missed dinner last night as I didn't feel great, but after 10 hours sleep fine today, we had the Caribbean party tonight and actually managed to get two drinks, only Orange Juice as I don' t drink but better than the usual one, interesting reaction to the Captain's speech and he mentioned Iona and it' s 5200 passengers, it was booed. Apart from that a lazy day, morning had a chill wind so sat by the covered Crystal pool, our side in the afternoon though which was warmer out, Cartagena tomorrow.
Day 12
Trip to Mazon and a trolley train, nice lazy trip, only problem was the guide, someone had nicked her off switch and the only time she shut up was during our 45 minute free time, no tip obviously. Apart from her it was an enjoyable morning, back to the ship for a late lunch and I have spent the afternoon In the shade as it is so hot! Evening entertainment is a comedian from BGT. Gibraltar tomorrow afternoon for our last port before 3 days at sea coming home to the cold and wet.
Day 13
Last day as I have been here so often that I just got of and used the free WiFi in the terminal and then spent the day sitting on deck, not thecwarmest day with a coo! breeze, very tired last night after 4 trips in4 ports so gave dinner a miss again, and the had 11 hours of fitful sleep.
Day 14
Sea day
After sleeping in a late breakfast, still feeling a bit groggy and as the weather is breezier and cooler a day in the Crows Nest, got the WiFi until tomorrow morning so an early report then and that will be it until I get home.
Title: Re: Central Med 2019
Post by: Mike on October 16, 2019, 06:37:04 AM
Morning, last couple of hours of WiFi for this cruise. Dark damp and rocky this morning, with worse expected I think as in the Buffet this morning the restraint manager was instructing the junior officers their how to make things safer. Last formal night tonight. At least I made dinner last night and looking back it was a piigy day, bacon for breakfast, Gammon at lunch and Ham Hock then Tenderloin Pork at dinner.
Title: Re: Central Med 2019
Post by: Mike on October 18, 2019, 14:02:15 PM
Day 15
Sea day
After the Wi To finished had a quiet day in the Crowd Nest, morning was wet and choppy afternoon a bit better. Last formal dinner tonight with the parade of Chefs, also for the first time there was a parade for the Waiters which was very well received. There was no pre diner show tonight the only one of the cruise.
Day 16
Last sea day
Another quiet day in the Crowd Nest with showers outside. Packing soon which I hate. A pre diner show tonight, the comedian, not brilliant, but I'll go. We get he your back tonight and I have a 9am disembarkation tomorrow which should mean I' m home for midday