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July 05, 2022, 01:41:49 am


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Started by Vee, April 29, 2008, 17:21:26 pm

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Well ok, Hiyas all. I've been summonsed by email to log in.

Sorry I haven't been around for ages, just got lost in life really.

Also, just completed my family tree and it's fab. You can spend hours and hours researching stuff and yes I do have several skeletons in my closets  :laugh: :-X

Anyway hope everyone is ok. TTFN xx
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Hope france is going well Vee! ;D
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Y-a-t'il une goute de vin pour moi svp?  :P


Quote from: Taf on April 29, 2008, 17:49:19 pm
Y-a-t'il une goute de vin pour moi svp?  :P

  Reduced to begging...  Terrible.  :laugh: :laugh:


Great to see you Vee ;D

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Gym?  Thought you said Gin.


Un grand bonjour de la Forêt Noire!  :)
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Hi Vee, great to meet you!  :wav:
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Bonjour encore - et bon été!  :)
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Hello Vee, would love to hear what the skeletons in your copboard are.


Quote from: Pam on August 03, 2008, 15:52:12 pm
Hello Vee, would love to hear what the skeletons in your copboard are.

Skeletons? Now you've made me curious.  :)
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