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Author Topic: Pushing the poor out of cities.  (Read 449 times)


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Pushing the poor out of cities.
« on: October 28, 2010, 11:24:03 AM »

I suspect Ol' Boris is spot on with this one, madly enough.

Though i agree there should be some kind of cap on housing benefit.. i think there should be a cap on rent too. Some landlords DO charge over the odds, and they get away with it to.
Coupled with the rising rent for social housing (JOY, thanks for that), and the 10% deduction for those who have been looking for work for more than a year, it looks like a bad time is heading for most of us.


Where we live there is a fairly good spread of social housing, though we waited 5 years for ours while having to endure a crap landlord and higher rent, plus the jobs market here is appauling too. I think most of our married life has been spent on the dole, or it could be 50/50 now hubby has been in work for the past 5 years... ANYWAY
If these measures had been in place before now we would have been completely screwed, and my hubby was a determined job seeker recieving knock back after knock back. A reduction in our housing benefit would have crippled us, we already had to pay some rent, having to pay another 10% is unthinkable.
So we got into social housing, yay great, stable reasonable rent, not having to worry about being made to move, and repairs done.
Now we fear higher rent, and being made to move when circumstances change, and what if hubby gets made redundant again?
They say it will only affect new tentants, but i'll believe that when i see it.

And it's gonna be worse in the cities with higher rent.

IDS said recently "get on a bus"
With shocking public transport and shift patterns people can't always do that, so they are encouraged to move to where the jobs are...

News flash! most jobs are in the cities, more housing is needed in the cities, rent it higher in the cities, living costs are often higher in the cities but to really put the nail in the coffin, not all jobs are well paid in the cities.
Next time these big wigs pop to the local cafe, walk past a bin man in the street, maybe they should ask them where they live, and how they are making ends meet!! I bet a fair few of them rely on housing benefit to meet the extortionate rent of the cities..
And god help them if they loose thier jobs, JSA doesn't pay you more because you live in the cities, 10% in the boondocks could be as little as £10 a week or less (though thats still a lot if you are on JSA) imagine that 10% being £40 a week!! doesn't bear thinking about.
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Re: Pushing the poor out of cities.
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2010, 11:40:09 AM »
New leaders in government = new names for old things

Council Houses become Social Houses

The root cause of high rents are buy-to-let landlords screwing the system for all they can get. I hope they lose their tenants then rot in hell when they can't pay their mortgages.

"Stability" is paramount in anyone's life, so having the threat of having to move if your income changes, or your family size changes is going to make many persons crack.

Most council tenants don't just chuck a few bits of furniture into a council house then call it home. They improve it at their own cost. How many are likely to do that now that they can't pass the home onto their kids, or are liable to be shifted against their will?

If there is an older couple still in a council house after their kids grow up and leave, why shouldn't they be allowed to live out their final years in that home? I reckon they would have paid enough in rent to have bought the place outright!

But if they WANT to move out to smaller, cheaper homes, they should be able to.

I was told to move to a hell-hole of a town where I had found work. "No thanks" I said, "I'd rather pay for the commute as I have roots, family and quality of life where I live now".

Now new tenants are going to get clobbered for higher rents, the excess being used to build new "Social Housing". So what happened to the huge ammounts councils made from selling council houses? Thatcher told them to hold it in reserve for future uses, so it should still be languishing in banks somewhere.
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