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The Potting Shed

Started by Tâf, August 09, 2011, 12:43:04 pm

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2 butterflies evicted from the greenhouse. I hope they weren't laying eggs.


Brown aphids have appeared in the greenhouse. No Ladybirds anywhere, so I've been squishing the aphids hoping Ladybirds do appear.

But still no sign, so I've just used a bio sticky spray to stop them moving about.


Trimmed the grapevine again to allow the grapes to ripen faster. Quite a few good bunches again this year.


Trimmed the lavender hedge and got the waste into the green bin about a minute before the binmen arrived.

I also planted-out the most difficult plant I have ever grown from seed, a type of Campanula. Very slow to germinate from dust-like seeds that took forever to increase in size.


The cucumbers and courgettes have finished now, so I ripped them out for composting.

The chillies are on the last keg to ripeness, apart from the Giant Peruvian Rocotos that are outside and still swelling loads of pods.

Next job is to stake down all the strawberry runners (hundreds) into individual pots for next year.

Oh, and pick more grapes. :din:


Started tidying the garden for the winter. Pots emptied, a bit of pruning, and removed annual plants to the compost.

There are still a few bunches of grapes, but some are mouldy now, so are being left for the Blackbirds.


Pruned the Jasmine, Rosemary and Catmint. The Blackcurrants need a good prune, but my hands were too cold to be using secateurs.


Potted-on all the chilli seedlings apart from 3 which still haven't sprouted. They can take weeks!

Back under the lights in the living room...


It's been quite pleasant in the sun and out of the wind in the garden.

The strawberry plants and catmint are waking up and making new leaves.

Both red and black currants have swollen leaf buds.

Cherries are opening their leaves, as are the blackberries, quince, aronia and clematis.

Goji is in full leaf.

Rhubarb has sprouted.

And all but one Giant Peruvian Rocoto chilli pods have ripened in the greenhouse.

No sign of the over-wintered chilli plants sprouting though, but I gave them each a splash of water in case.


Sowed a blight-proof (we shall see) tomato called Crimson Crush. Also some Aubretias for the front garden.

The lawn could do with a mow, but I'll hold off a bit later.


Fed the flowering plants with seaweed.

Pruning later.

The tomato seeds have sprouted in the living room.


Pruned the strawberries, blackberries, gojis, kiwis, redcurrants and ivys.

Emptied a trough on the patio and refilled it.


The chillies are outside sunbathing, but into the greenhouse this evening where they will stay until repotted..

The outdoor tomatoes are out there too, and will also go into the greenhouse at night until the night temperatures rise above 10c.


12 Crimson Crush tomato plants are now in their final position in the larger raised bed. Fingers crossed that they are as blight resistant as they say. 12 Strawberry plants also planted, mainly as pollinators for the Frau Schindler strawberries. Time to sow a few beans and maybe peas.

I also transplanted loads of baby onions that appeared out of nowhere.


Greenhouse cleaned, then I did some sowing:

Dwarf French bean Saxa
Climbing French bean Cobra
Cucumber Marketmore
Leek Elefant