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The Potting Shed

Started by Tâf, August 09, 2011, 12:43:04 pm

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Filled the 12 Morrisons' pots with my compost mix (2 parts compost, 1 part perlite, 1 part coir). I'll let them warm up before repotting into them.


Potted-on all 12 chillie plants. Top dressed with washed sharp sand this year to keep he sciarid (fungus) gnats from laying eggs in the compost.


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Sowed Cape Daisies and Annual Phlox.

The leeks are up, as are the cucumbers. But the Dwarf French beans and climbing beans are being a bit tardy.

The toms outside are still getting their feet down, and I don't think they are enjoying this cool period.


Lawn edged and a strawberry transplanted. The cold nights are holding back the outdoor tomatoes and greenhouse chillies, but they don't seem stressed.

Only a few beans have sprouted due to the cold, but there is still plenty of time yet.

Bees of all sorts on the strawberry flowers, and the Quince lost all it's petals in the storm, but it looks like loads of fruit has set. Fingers crossed that they don't all drop as they usually do.

Flower buds already on the grapevines!

One Kiwi lost a long part of its vine. Cats are attracted to it like Catmint, so I reckon it was a moggie's fault.


This year's first harvest of catmint leaves for drying. The cut stems are now in a shady spot in pots of water to develop roots for more plants.


Swapped over the 2 catmints from out front with the 2 out the back. The ones that were out front need some TLC as they are going purple (lack of phosphorous).

I had 3 cats following me around hoping I would let them have a whole bush to themselves.


I think the Saxa beans are dead, so I've sown Tendergreen dwaf French beans to replace them.

Also found a lovely orange-flowered Aster on display in Wilko. I don't think they'll mind that I gathered seed from it.  ;)


Cleared the Bluebell foliage from the front planter, the ladies have seed they want to sow in it.


Fed the back garden. The number of grape fower bunches this year is incredible, but all the flowers dropped off the quince again.

Planted the new cherry (Merton Premier) that I bought a s a pollinator for the picota cherries.

The cucumbers had their first day hardeing-off outside in the sun.


Half the cucumbers planted-out to see how the wing affects them.


The Crimson Crush tomatoes outside are romping away, full of flowers and fruits. And the stems are VERY thick. I just tied them in again at about a metre in height.


The Crimson Crush tomatoes are now at 2 metres with 19 trusses on 5 plants. Not a sign of blight despite locals saying it started 2 weeks ago.

The chilli plants are loaded!


The first outdoor tomatoes are almost ripe, and no sign of blight.  ;D

Chillies ready for picking too.


Picked a few of the Crimson Crush tomatoes. No blight, but lots of twins and triplets.

*I can't attach photos for some reason*


I tried the other day and couldn't. Meant to look into it, but forgot
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