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The Potting Shed

Started by Tâf, August 09, 2011, 12:13:04 pm

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Quote from: Tâf on May 29, 2021, 15:28:05 pmSowed 54 Isabel French climbing beans in bog roll tubes in the greenhouse

Only ONE came up, so I have just sowed Blue Lake to replace them.

I also sowed Alderman peas and potted the Scotch Bonnet chillies into their final pots.

The oregano is now hardening-off outside, along with the terrible mesambryanthemum seedlings.

There are tomatoes on the plants!


Tied-in the greenhouse mini toms as they are flowering like mad.

The peas in the living room are coming up, so I've put a daylight LED lamp over them.

The climbing French beans in the greenhouse has lifted their heads too.

The aronia and blackberries are plastered with baby fruits. But nothing on the Quince again.


Tomatoes and cucumbers are swelling, and we're picking strawberries and cherries before the birds get to them. The cherries that are far from ripe are protected in garden fleece bags.

I have chopped the Bay down to a manageable height, but need to wait another month until the green bin is emptied, then I can fill it to the brim again.

Pruned the grapevines, and found loads of new fruits forming.


The peas are now too tall for the living room, so they are going out to harden off before planting.


Planted out the mesembryanthemums and oregano.

I have a hanging basket for the rest of the oregano.

Peas and beans to do next.


The last of 3 green bins are now full with the last of the Bay. Apart from 4 logs that I will let dry and then burn on the BBQ next year.

Pruned the vines again, they had gone bonkers this past week.

I watered the chillies and greenhouse tomatoes early before the sun hit them. It was already 32c in there at 10:30!

Next doors' ivy got cut back to the top of the wall as it was strangling one of the kiwis.

Beans are peas are almost ready to plant out.


I am watering the chillies 3 times a day at the moment. In-and-out of the greenhouse before I melt.


Planted-out the Blue Lake climbing French beans and Alderman peas after digging-in some home-made compost and erecting climbing frames.

The lawn could do with a trim, but that'll be an evening job.

The first chillies have set, and so have loads of mini tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Cucumbers are swelling fast, and the blackberries are ripening en masse.


6 manky shallots from Sainsburys for 10p last year, so I popped them into the garden out front.

I have just dug the lot up. The big ones (about 30) are hung to dry, whilst the smaller ones (about 20) have been replanted for next year.


3 volunteer spud plants dug up.


Picked the last of the cucumbers and stripped the leaves from the tomatoes.


My garden is just a bomb site.
An evergreen clematis has claimed it as its own.. Including all items😂
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Picked the last of the Scotch Bonnet chillies. A total of 1.9kg this year, which is very reasonable for 10 plants. They have had no water for at least 6 weeks, so are fully ripe.

There are still perfect mini toms in there, so I had a nibble.


Toady is seed sowing day: chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers and gherkins.


Sowed the chillies and tomatoes. They are in a heated propagator in the living room.

Once I've cleaned the greenhouse, I'll be sowing cucumbers, gherkins and French beans.