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The Potting Shed

Started by Tâf, August 09, 2011, 12:13:04 pm

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I finally managed to find Primrose seed, so I've sown it in a plastic takeaway container, as it needs light and humidity to germinate.

One sprouted, it has to be lightly covered in compost and grown until it can be planted outside in the autumn.

Gawd knows how it still exists as a plant with all that faff.

I've nuked compost and cleaned pots to repot the tomatoes and chillies later today.


Transplanted the last of the chillies and tomatoes into 2" pots. Now under the lights in the living room.

I also sowed pansies, Livingston daises and French marigolds into takeaway containers as they are ideal for the job..


Mowed the lawn and fed the back garden.

The 4 cherry trees are loaded with swelling fruits. I'd better get a fruit cage built.


I sowed cucumbers, gherkins, 2 types of beans and a few more tomatoes.


All the tomatoes repotted and moved to the greenhouse. That gives more room for the chillies in the living room. 2 mild ones for my Turkish neighbour are already in flower!


I transplanted the Pansy seedlings and sowed loads of French Marigolds in hanging pots on the wall.

3 Tomato plants just snuffed it, and I have no idea why. ???


Sowed Greek (small leaf) Basil and potted-on an Oregano cutting.


Climbing French beans planted-put. 9 Lady Di and 9 Blue Lake. Also a new thing for me, cornichons (gherkins). I was told they do well in the garden in a sunny but sheltered spot, so I am trying them in a few locations.


Preschool is now closed (the seedling shelf with lights in the living room).

The chillies and flower plants are now outside ready for repotting or pricking-out.


The greenhouse mini-tomato is now in its final pot, as are the Scotch Bonnet chillies. The chillies are not very good for the time of year, but they should catch up once they get their feet down.

Next will be moving the tomatoes, cucumbers and gherkins outside.


I've started hardening-off plants to go outdoors soon.

And I ate the first Picota cherry of the year. And strawberries.  :din:


Our (poor) neighbour gave me planting kits that were thrown out at work: Alpine strawberry and bush tomato. The compost won't absorb water! No wonder they were sent to the bin.

I repotted the Livingstone Daisies yesterday. They are a royal PITA because they stems are hair thin then suddenly bulge further up.


Catmint seed sowed, French marigolds repotted. The bush Losetto tomato in the greenhouse has started its first fruit.

The chillies are having a hard time of it this year.