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June 30, 2022, 10:44:57 am


He who laughs last thinks slowest.

DWP et al

Started by Tâf, January 27, 2016, 17:55:23 pm

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When ever you claim a state benefit, you have to give them your bank details on the form, sent via the post.

I have been trying to change bank account details for the twins.

Normally this has been done via a posted form.

I asked for forms to be sent out to me.

"We only update by phone as your bank details might get lost in the post".



The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


Even more with my pensions due next month. Payable from 27th Feb, paid in arrears from 31st March. But because I get lump sums slightly in excess of £16k I lose Income Support, Housing Benefit and Community Charge Benefit from 27th Feb.

So I have to pay full rent, etc. which will dig into the lump sum quickly plus wipe out my pensions every month. Even before I pay water, gas, leccy and, god forbid, food and clothes.  :(

But if the DWP decide I am spending money to get below the 16K savings threshold, they will not allow me to claim any benefits at all.

Ho hum.....  :'(


I have calculated that I will have to spend £101.17 per week from my savings (and all my Carers Allowance and pensions) just to pay the standard bills, without food.  :o


They just sent me an ESA form, which I MUST complete... As they're giving me diddly, I have to wonder what the point is. Maybe it's the NI stamp.
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


With Universal Credit on the horizon, I guess they're figuring out what not to give you. I did an online assessment earlier. A drop of £16.52 with U.C.

All hidden in an invisible barrier as they won't break it down so you can check that you're getting what you're entitled to.


Well, they can't give me less than fukkall... Unless they tax it. ;)
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


UC is in place here and it is a nightmare of bloody incompetence. 
We are in same boat after releasing one of his pensions last April.  We paid a bundle of tax on it. When June happened, I was on 88 squid a week at at sick pay for Chris.  But like a fool I was careful with money. Now we are penalised. Can't get diddly squat. 
What narks me most is that Chris has just been awarded ESA on his contributions from the past . Still they want to know about his pension plan. We are waiting still for PIP . We pay for carers cos of the pension. We will pay toward adaptations cos of that pension. We get no help with council tax cos of that pension. 
The ESA form they sent Chris is bloody crazy. Asking if he can put one arm above his head! Yes he can. One arm....not the other though. Why don't they get off their arses  and come and have a look?
And do you know what is really callous? They told me to sign on for jobs eek ers until PIP comes through (can't have income support or claim for me  cos of the pension) . So I asked who would look after Chris? 
Carers they said. He would have 4 visits a day .  But what happens if he has a fit when no one is there? . He can have a home care system with a panic alarm they said.
I give up. They won't be happy till they bring workhouses back.
Set of arse holes


I feel for you El. It's a lot of hard work and upset. Wait until you get to the actual PIP/ESA assessment in person.... get as much written info from experts as you can as they will lap it up.


If you can take someone who knows how to play the system, with you, things often work better.

Jane took a lady from our local Centre For Independent Living. I took the same lady, when I had my ESA assessment and she saved my life. :)

Always good to have a qualified witness... ;)
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


Just finished filling in this hateful form. We are lucky in a way that we have detailed discharge notes that can't be argued with.
This new OT is quite good too so will see what they do.  I think it is bloody cruel and nasty.  Yes, there are people taking the pee and getting paid for it. But the stress on ordinary people is sickening  :'(
taxi driver was telling me the other day that his wife had been deemed 'fit' even though she has major fits. They say her epilepsy is controlled and he is no longer her carer. Just like that. He told me how they were behind with bills because of it too.
He told me her assessment was designed to trip her up. He was not allowed in with her either.
Arse wipes  :-X


I just got a bit of good news, oddly enough. The Dept. of Work and Naziness sent me one of those huge forms to fill in, for a medical assessment, to see if I'm fit enough for their gas chambers.

I thought "Fook filling this thing in. My hands are my main disability and filling in huge forms is painful. As the tossers pay me diddly-squat, ESA-wise, why bother?". Then, I noticed that they pay my NI stamp. Thought "Bugger".

Then, I wondered if my carer's allowance would cover that... So, I gave them a tinkle, to find out. Spoke to a VERY helpful, chatty young lady, who not only confirmed that, but offered to send me written evidence. :)

Soooo... Shall I be self-righteous and just ignore the bloody form? Or, should I give them a tinkle and tell them to go screw themselves?

Decisions... Decisions... :)
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


Oooooh what to do what to do  ;D ;D

Just got the PIP forms through at bloody long last  ;D


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If the person with a disability had to fill in these forms, they would get nowhere fast. It's like they have been designed to irritate, frustrate and anger claimants into giving up.

They work closely to a script, so you have to know the words they use, and those you should use. Both on paper and in assessments. Deviation and hesitation is not allowed.

This pdf is well worth reading....

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Downloaded and will take time reading xx