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June 30, 2022, 10:48:38 am


It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

DWP et al

Started by Tâf, January 27, 2016, 17:55:23 pm

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I've been trying to contact the DWP for several days now to have our Income Support stopped (pensions and therefore relative poverty start soon).

Out of frustration I visited the local office this morning, but was told I needed to make an appointment "sometime next week". And I have to phone to make the appointment!!


Funny, that. I had a bit of a result, yesterday. Only a small one, but, hey...

They sent me one of those bible-sized forms to fill in, for ESA.

As they're not paying me anything, I gave them a ring and asked "What's the bloody point? As my hands are my main disability, filling the form in is painful.".

He's sending me a letter, to confirm this. If I just ignore the form, they'll send me for another one of those stupid assessments and I might even requalify for it.

I won't hold my breath, obviously...
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


Stranger things have happened K@. I read of a guy who walked into the assessment, and was thus marked as able-bodied. He complained and so they checked CCTV and found that he had taken over an hour to get from the main door to the assessment room. A situation his GP and specialist had plainly written on letters to ATOS.


When they deemed me fit, last time, I'd had the sense to take an advocate, from the Trafford CIL (A local disability help centre), with me. When the verdict came through, she 'phoned me and said "That's ridiculous. That's certainly not the meeting I was at! Appeal and refer them to me". That, I did. A few days later, the boss at the DWP rang me and asked me why I thought I'd been misrepresented. For one of many examples, I told her that I'd told the ATOS cow that I mowed the lawn, occasionally, but had to put a pair of Mole grips on the safety thing that you have to hold down, with your hand. On the report, she'd just said "He mows the lawn". Funny thing is, at the time, the ratshit had said "Isn't that dangerous?", to which I'd replied "Well, how else could I do it?" and she shrugged. She'd missed that out, on the report, along with the fact that I'd told her that I couldn't used my hands for the next couple of days, too, which I told the DWP woman that rang.

She must've called the CIL woman, before she rang me, coz she upheld the appeal on the spot!

Odd thing is, the ESA only lasted for a year. Since then, I've managed to wangle a bit of carer's allowance. Apart from that, my contribution to the (Extremely tight) household finances has been diddly squat. I s'pose they had to get the funds to cut corporation tax, for their pals, eh?
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


We're facing financial problems as things get a lot worse when you lose income support.

They tell you "you need £x to live on, but you get Carers allowance, so we'll only give you the difference".

Fair enough, but if like me you start receiving a pension (or a wage) slightly greater than the sum they pay you in income support, even by a quid, they withdraw all income support.

And that's when you realise the sting. Loss of income support means you now have to pay for dentists and opticians, and you have to start paying full, or almost full, rent and poll tax. That is going to cost us just over half our income, leaving us with a lot less than the amount they say "you need to live on".

And it gets worse, when Universal Credit starts, most families will lose around £50 a week as "an incentive to find work". What if you can't work because you're a Carer?


What if you can't work because of your injuries?

In five words: They don't give a shit.

Unless you can work, to make THEM money, you're worthless, just a drain on their resources.

I think I could still use a sub-machine gun, though, if there's one lying around... ;)

I wouldn't waste it on foxes, either.
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse



sorry for swearing
Gym?  Thought you said Gin.


At least they got chucked out. :)

Bloody French.
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


Universal credit is alive and hurting people here.
We can't get income support because of a few pensions and savings so they are bleeding us dry drip by drip. And no, they do not give a shit.  Also owning your own house is penalised badly. They do not want to know about your mortgage . ill at home ? You pay for your care . Too ill to be at home? You pay for residential care  :'(. Soon they will build new centres I bet, calling them The Workhouse.
I honestly believe that this is the reason that pensions are draw able early. So they can get people off income support......and never let them back on it.


I have an appointment! I called spot-on 8 this morning and only ad to listen to the "infobabble" for 6 minutes before getting through to a human. 2pm today, "bring all relevant paperwork". Gawd, they want proof of savings, income, pensions and lump sums before letting me cease income support for ever more!


OMFG, Taf!!

My sig seems apt, El.
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


What a palaver! Security guards at the DWP checking everyone due to problems between 2 ethnic groups that has spilled over into the building.

Then their scanner broke, then it was replaced but it would not talk to their computers. A swift reboot of the entire network solved that.

Got out of there and the buses didn't appear... told to divert due to the ethnic problems.

3km walk and into the council offices, queues out the door. Me and the other white person were ushered in as we didn't need translation services. The dimmock who took my papers didn't have a clue....

Now I just have to wait to see how much this is going to hurt financially. I have already been warned that "spending savings to accrue benefits" will be strictly monitored, with sanctions available. I can't even prepay my funeral costs according to their blurb!


Nope. Set of arsewipes  ::) we were told ages ago that we could use savings for modifying the house for Chris's benefit or for his mobility needs. Since been told not. But I am putting in for the fact that he has had to have a whole new wardrobe of extra large clothes in order to dress him . Loads of new bedding to deal with incontinence needs.
It makes me sick. 


Keep receipts. Keep statements. Note down reasons for expenditure, even groceries. I've been through it all before, and I know how pedantic they can be. Any expense over £100 is best done after getting written permission (don't accept anything that is just allowed by word of mouth).

And just hope you are seen by one of the team that isn't hung-over, bored or feeling a bit cranky.


Just re looking at the form and payment is 300 A WEEK!  Says if we do not fill in, we will be charged the maximum costs . (So much for being verbally told that we would pay  300 in total). Luckily,  have bought online and it shows on the bank statement.
They can please themselves after this. I am not having any snotty nosed arsewipes telling us whether what we buy is necessary.  They even want to know the value of the house. On the end where it says "have you enclosed this that n the other, it actually says "have you enclosed a copy of your will :-X
they can stick their care where the sun don't shine  :'(