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Re: Food sizes on
« Reply #15 on: November 24, 2017, 22:48:51 PM »
I like Waitrose - we had a good-sized one in Ashford but Medway doesn't have one - our nearest is now in Allington (part of Maidstone) and it's tiny and expensive - the good deals never seem to appear there so I gave up shopping there.

I've noticed the ridiculous prices nuts are this year too... in every supermarket! Three quid for a small pack (200g) of mixed nuts just because 5% of them have been sprayed gold? No thanks! Good job I'm working all the bank holidays this year! If we're very lucky the Management will buy our section a tin pathetic plastic container  ::) of Celebrations to pass round the 50 of us that are working on Xmas Day (which has happened the last 3 years - I remember when they used to buy us all a bottle of plonk each!  :-\ ).
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