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December 03, 2020, 20:40:50 pm


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Re: What did you last buy?

Started by Lisa, December 16, 2017, 19:09:54 pm

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Quote from: Mike on October 28, 2020, 14:57:31 pmThat's the shower I have

Triton says it's the only one compatible with the power and water layout we have here. And shower doctor says it's a good one, and not worth spending more to get the same quality.



Twin fluorescent tube batten plus tubes. The one in the kitchen went POP! half an hour ago.

No home delivery available, so it's click and collect.

That gives me a chance to do some shopping at the same time.


New rear exhaust. £23 cheaper as they had one in stock, so didn't have to manufacture one. £123.45.


Cigs, as a friend's daughter warned me that Tesco is raising its prices a lot from midnight.

And enough food to refill the fridge and freezer.


I've been getting him the pall mall flow at £8.70 ish . I'm dreading them going up anymore.
A massive witch hunt with sniffer dogs are fast shutting down the cheap cigs shops. Not that I'd risk getting him any. But it seems to me, that they are banging on about the risk to health from smoking the cheap ones. Errrrmmm I dont think the real ones do a lot of good either.
I think it's more about loss of revenue.


Actually started crimbo shopping
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Quote from: El on November 26, 2020, 11:16:51 amI think it's more about loss of revenue.

"Covid raids" have been turning up illegal baccy and booze here. As well as many people who shouldn't be in the UK.

I tried Pall Mall Flow, 2 puffs and I knew they were awful. Loose-packed, so they burn quickly, hot and make acrid smoke. I changed to Embassy Red No1 when they were at £8.20 in ASDA, then they went up to £9.60, so I swapped to Rothmans Blue at £8.60, but then they shot up to £9.65!!!! Then Tesco dropped Embassy Red No1 to £8.60. But today they have gone up to £8.80.

It's like the gold market out there....


Oh! That explains the funny smell. These flow ones have like a hole in the tip? I kept saying it smelt like something was burning.
I'll see what Tescos have. I bought the Players volume tobacco for cig making and tried to roll him some using a cig maker.
That was a disaster. He ended up with more rejects than proper ones.


The lad and I went mad in Cardiff Bay. He bought crisps, biscuits and sweets. I bought everything we needed.


Great Nephew and Nieces Christmas presents bought, as I won't be seeing them this Christmas delivery from Amazon straight to them, one was in the Black Friday sale


Asda's specs went up since last week, the first change since last xmas. £40 basics went up £19, £70 mid range up £10, and top range up £20 from £160.

I chose the shape I needed for my varifocals, 2 pairs as my prescription has changed.

I was happy to be charged for the basics range instead of the mid-range and had a discretionary 10% discount. So £89.60 instead of £120 (mid range have a £40 discount for 2 pairs).


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