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June 30, 2022, 10:33:34 am


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Too many cars. Too little parking spaces

Started by El, January 08, 2018, 20:12:28 pm

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January 08, 2018, 20:12:28 pm Last Edit: January 08, 2018, 20:28:49 pm by El
Sheeeesh.  I don't know what it is with people and numerous cars.  Next door, three cars, one on their drive. Next door but one, two cars plus a works van, across the road, a car each plus their son has just passed so another car there. A few doors down, one car plus a taxi that gets parked almost on a corner.Everyone else has at least one car. It's a tiny little narrow avenue. It's like doing a slalom taking the dog out cos I can't walk on the pavement most of the time.Especially on bin day.
Kids started back to school this morning and the cars were all running their engines to warm them in the frost. I felt like shouting "its ok, I'm asthmatic.  I love a lung full of fumes,  you sit in your car safe " Why can't they walk to school anyhow? It's a mile, they won't bloody melt or perish in it.   
I'm not anti car at all but I am anti multiple car and anti selfish parking.


The bod whose car has been driving us mad has 2 Range Rovers, a Jag estate, a 20 seater bus, a truck that can carry a car,2 MPVs, and a Passat estate with a faulty alarm. He parks them all over the place, and now the Passat in is the next street!

A new student halls of residence (200 beds) nearby has a rule of NO CARS. But they just park their cars in all the neighbouring streets.


Next door have threes cars. One goes on their drive, but the others go in the road.

On a tight, narrow bend, with limited visibility, due to a high hedge.

Hope nobody ever needs an ambulance or fire engine on the quick.
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We have a sign on our gate that says Please do not park. Access needed at all times. Most just ignore it but I swear, if an ambulance can't get in quickly for Chris because of these cars, I will use his dad's knocking stick on their precious pieces of metal.
It's the noise too. When there are three cars with one on the drive, they have to move two to get the third out in a morning.  But that means disturbing the other two next door if next door has left them enough room to get out. What a palaver. 
I think the time has come for parking permits maybe.


The fire brigade just physically lift the cars and move them out of the way. Wastes valuable time, though.

When our road was built, not many people had cars and, though the road's quite narrow, the corners have turning bays, from when buses ran down here (Hard to believe, that).

'course, people now treat those as parking bays and, even though Plod's been down, giving them all tickets, the biggerz still  park in them. Parking on a corner is illegal and fucking dangerous!!

The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse


The uni students are back, so every street around here is in logjam.


It's bin day here and the pillocks are on the corneR,  forcing me in the middle of the road into a blind spot . They have left about six inch of pavement to get past. Bloody idiots.


Our problem is the idiots at the local ground maintenance company park 6 cars in the residents parking area every day, and they don't even do our ground maintenance since they lost the contract 2 years ago


cars are always on pavements here too, and sometimes i have to push a side-by-side double buggy.
it's chaos >:(
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Here in Coventry the council voted AGAINST introducing fines for pavement parking


I don't know how they can enforce it in quiet areas unless they have cctv . Seems to me that some round here never actually walk anywhere and have no idea of how selfish they are. Or maybe they are just bloody selfish and don't care as long as their cars have  a spot to park.
We have a minicab taxi owner who does his best to park outside any house except his own cos his wife parks directly outside their house on the pavement with her car door outside her gate. So far, I've managed to stop him parking outside ours by sending the dog out. The bloke is Asian and terrified of our dog. Good. It's like road wars out there. If you shut the blinds, a bloody car appears outside.


The local hospital now has free parking, but with many more slots set aside for hospital staff as those arriving for their shift have to have a parking space that the ongoing staff haven't vacated yet.

Total pandemonium.

Cars queuing to get into all 3 main car parks are blocking all routes around the site.

It took me 25 minutes to bypass one queue, made even worse by 2 buses parked up. Total distance 30 metres.  :grumpy:

Even the routes to the ER were log-jammed in both directions.


Wythenshaw and Trafford General have always been free, which is kinda groovy.

Always a bugger to get parked, though, even with a blue badge.

I s'pose hospital car parks would have to be HUGE, to match demand. Odd that the hospitals I've visited are never anywhere ear a station. They've build a Metro line to Wythenshaw, but it's a hell of a way from the hospital and it's OK from Manchester, but from here, we'd have to go into the city and back out, again.

It's only a ten minute drive...
The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact. - P. G. Wodehouse