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June 30, 2022, 10:38:36 am


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Council Workers

Started by Tâf, June 09, 2018, 12:39:34 pm

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Our shed door is faulty and they say it is to be replaced by a uPVC one.

The first date for fitting was in a couple of weeks time (after a few weeks' wait).

But I got a call to say that it is being put back by 5 weeks because all their chippies, plumbers and electricians have been put on a 3 day week. No overtime, no weekends, no bank holidays. Not enough hours to claim Tax Credits I reckon.

This is another of the council's dirty tricks to get workers to resign or take redundancy. Then all work will be carried out by external contractors. Thus no training, no wages, no sick pay, no pensions for the council to pay.

But the bosses are staying though, and they are making more posts for more.



Funny, that. The Tory "flagship" council, here in Trafford, got a kick up the bum, last elections. They outsourced everything and nothing's been getting done. The roads, here, are worse than the Khyber pass. That's why we got an off-roader. They charge thirty five quid to empty the green bins, trying to build on green belt and that kinda stuff. Their majority went down the swanny.

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Same both ways, Coventry is safe Labour and the council is useless as well, lots of spending on vanity projects that benefit themnothing on the necessities , and twice they have now been done for illegal road schemes were thousand s have been fined, but they won't return the illegal fines