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Powering SATA drives
« on: March 26, 2019, 19:04:41 PM »
My new second HD is SATA.

My primary drive is also SATA.

The first one uses the only SATA power lead that comes out of the PSU, so I bought a MOLEX to SATA power lead for the new one.

At first Windows was OK with it, then it started freezing, failing to boot, and then threw a "cannot start" wobbly that it self-sorted.

Google says you must NEVER power SATA drives from the MOLEX, as MOLEX does not have the 3.3v that SATA needs to operate correctly.

But the internet is FULL of MOLEX to SATA leads!

So buy a Y splitter for the SATA power lead? Again Google says NO!

I wandered into PCWorld and said I was looking for a new HD. "Would I need a SATA power splitter lead?"

Spotty youth technician needed his nappy changing after he said no, then asked a colleague who tore him a new asshole.

"You'll have to replace the PSU for one with two SATA power outputs Sir".

"But they probably just connect to the same pins inside the PSU wouldn't they?"

"Ummmm... no idea..."