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July 05, 2022, 01:20:15 am


Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.

Teenagers crossing roads.

Started by Tâf, October 01, 2019, 16:31:53 pm

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Driving back today, teenage schoolkids all over the place.

20mph and my bumper already over a pedestrian crossing.

3 teenage kids to the right side had their backs to the crossing and were eating chips.

Then one of them stepped backwards onto the crossing, followed by the 2 others.

I was clear of the crossing before they had reached halfway, but then had to stop behind a car that was picking up loads of kids.

Then up popped the 3 kids still eating chips.

"You dissed us bro, you have to stop when we step onto a crossing, we should get you banned man!"

I pointed to the dash cam, they looked at each other and left quickly.

But the dash cam was not running. I think I'd better use it 100% of the time now....

Then just 25 yards later 4 kids dashed out in front of me from between parked vans. I stopped, but a car from the other way slithered to a halt with a couple of feet to spare. The driver was VERY verbal to the kids, but they just laughed it off.