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April 22, 2021, 12:56:36 pm


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Re: Re: How Are You Feeling?

Started by Mike, March 23, 2020, 11:55:36 am

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I caled Tesco pharmacy and they still haven't been able to collect scripts from the GP, The surgery was locked up this morning and they are not answering their phones.


The GP surgery answered the phone at last. They do not accept calls in the mornings now. No GP present.

The missus' script was sent to Tesco so should be available when they reopen at 2.

I requested a repeat of her co-codamol and was told it would be sent to Tesco next Monday!

The fracture clinic says she will be seen on 8th April, no doctor avaiable to say why so late.

A neighbour just gave up trying to get into Tesco. Police are stopping more cars entering the site, and the queue is limited to the first 50. Small trolleys only, and you have to follow arrows on the floor to move arond the aisles.

ALDI and Lidl are on a one-out-one-in policy, queues around the car park and nearby streets.


My son just rang. He went to tesco and it was one in, one out of the store. Surely there must be a better policy. It's only day three for some people and tempers are flaring.
Maybe shut the store one day s week to get stock .
Maybe only a hand basket.
Maybe chose  a dedicated store  and only shop twice a week.
Maybe employ much more online drivers but then more stock would have to be available.
Maybe rationing might solve it and be more fair.
I don't know the answer but something has to be done.


I had no queue at all this morning in my Tesco and it was quiet and fully stocked


ALDI was quiet and well-stocked, but a chav gran was having problems with one her fat grandkids. 5 were running about bumping into people, and one was drinking water and then spitting it on the floor. Security told them all to leave, but the gran was adamant that she was staying.

So they took her trolley off her and marched her out. Cue screaming at the grandkids to follow her out, and the usual "I'll sue you if you touch me!"

Tesco was an obstacle course. Wipe down a trolley, walk to the far end of the carpark (100 yards at least) then loop back and forth through barriers on the worst surface in the carpark. But at least I got the first lot of meds. But I was warned that they do not collect scripts from the GPs on Monday as they are never ready. So the missus won't get her painkillers until after 5pm Tuesday.

It was really quiet inside, with zones barricaded during restocking, and other areas marked to keep people apart.


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Gym?  Thought you said Gin.



The sleeping tablet did nothing, the missus was up all night again. :'(


The council had back-tracked and has reinstated weekly black bins and recycling bags. Food and nappy waste to go in the black bin too.

But all waste must be in bags or it will be rejected. Word is that it will all be burned to generate electricty.


All of Coventry's general waste has been burned for decades, producing electricity and heating for many buildings


We have two weekly black bins and food waste. But they are not taking can or paper bins at all. Dog poo bin on the fields is taped over too. Apparently the recycle tip has shut too.
Email off tesco. A cap of 80 items now in place on a delivery, longer waiting times for a delivery. Please visit the stores. Bags re instated. I would bloody love to visit the store but I can't !!!!
When this is over, I will be going to Aldi. Sister in law got me fresh veg yesterday and it is lovely and much, much cheaper.


I prefer Aldi for fresh stuff, Lidl for cans, etc.

I picked up 2 aubergines yesterday. The lady on the till looked at them and called a guy over.

"Pick this gentleman 2 decent sized ones, these are tiny!"

I had not noticed that they were sold per item not by weight.



The missus slept sat up, I slept poorly as I kept waking to check on her.