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October 19, 2021, 18:59:11 pm


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Back to sea

Started by Mike, October 13, 2021, 22:12:46 pm

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Day 1
Boarding hubs, arrived at testing station at 11.30 there were 3 ships in, as well as Iona, Brittania and another so the queue was hugh, took about an hour to get through, after that, which was at Mayflower had to drive to Ocean, again took ages as the lights only let 3 or 4 cars through at once, once there a new system you have to take your own bags to the correct hole in the wall now for your deck. After that you first have your health documents checked and repeat the decleration, then on to the check in when your  is test comes throgh, which mine had as it was so long, after that security which was quick as they have expanded it, then on to the ship using the correct fantasy for your emergency station.
When on the ship straight to the muster station to check in with them, then the Carribean lunch in Pearl where I actually sat with other people, after that fine your cabin and watch the safety video.
After that I explored the ship and not is she big walked for miles. Booked diner on the new free miLK site which was on my own, food good though. After diner wondered around the ship again and got talking to some guys at an outside bar as we left port, early night after that as I was shattered.

Day 2
Breakfast at the Horizon which has now dropped table service but you are still served at the counter but the drinks are now self service. After that there was a solo get together, but not hosted and no coffee. Went to the Sky Done afterwards where I spent the day apart from lunch in the Horizon, a P&O curry ,like breakfast served at the servery.
Evening was asked if I would like a shared table so unlike yesterday had company and a pleasant meal with 3 couples, after that managed to get a place at the show, Neil Lockwood, former lead singer with ELO when Jeff Wynne didn't want to tour, an evening of ELO hits, fantastic, backed by a very good ship band. After that shattered and so to bed, weather got a bit choppier overnight.

Day 3
Let's are stiff today as I have done more walking around the ship than I have done for months. Lazy day today spent the morning in the dome and the afternoon sat on the promenade deck where it was lovely and watm. Evening was 2 Scotish singers the MacDonald Brothers,who were 4th to Leonna Lewis in the X factor, very entertaining and talented. Shared a table for diner again tonight one couple the same as last night and 2  N new ones, so I'm not as lonely at diner as I feared. Last sea day before Madeira tomorrow.

Day 4
Another lazy day on the ship, but sat out on the promise check all day and had a good chat with my neighbouring sun lounger. Mixed table again tonight with one  other couple from last night,a very pleasant table. No show tonight watched the footbal! Which was awfu!.  Madeira tomkrrow.
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Day 5 Maderia
Lazy morning on the ship before afternoon tea at Reids, a father good spread and I rea!!y struggled with diner, afterwards the usual cheesy Headliners show. Tenerife tomorrow where I'm going Whale watching.. Miserable lot at diner though
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Morning from Tenerife lovely 21c at the moment and 26 forecast Whale watching is 12.30
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I'm sure you were supposed to put me in your suitcase
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Managed to get free internet in Gran Canaria port
Day 6 Tenerife
Whale watching today and saw loads of Pilot Whales, there is a permanent pod off Playa del Americas, with the typical Spanish Ham and Cheese sandwich on the Catamaran. Diner was a lot better tonight a very chatty table, after that it was the Arial show in the dome, very impressive.

Day 7 Gran Canaria,
Instead of Law Palma went to a coffee plantation and heard all about coffee production, and bought some, this was after a view over the city a d a resort on the Northern most part of the Island,  is resting on deck after a late lunch, trying a different  restaurant tonight bef
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